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    48g Protein | 53g Carbs | 6g Fat
    BBQ Grilled Chicken
    8oz. of Barbecue marinated chicken breast over brown rice topped with homemade bar...
    DairyFree GlutenFree
    43g Protein | 50g Carbs | 11g Fat
    BBQ Grilled Steak
    8oz of Barbeque marinated grilled steak served with a side of broccoli and sweet p...
    DairyFree GlutenFree
    40g Protein | 25g Carbs | 19g Fat
    Chimichurri Steak
    Marinated grilled flank steak in the classic chimichurri sauce of Argentina. Serve...
    DairyFree GlutenFree
    56g Protein | 40g Carbs | 17g Fat
    Buffalo Chicken Pizza
    Tender pulled chicken tossed in our famous buffalo style sauce with aged sharp che...
    29g Protein | 32g Carbs | 8g Fat
    Banana French Toast
    This premade banana cinnamon French toast is the breakfast meal of champions. Whol...
    32g Protein | 0g Carbs | 9g Fat
    Flank Steak – 1 LB
    1 pound of fully cooked cubed grilled flank steak  Flank Steak Servings Per ...
    29g Protein | 32g Carbs | 13g Fat
    Pineapple French Toast
    This homemade caramelized pineapple french toast is the breakfast meal of champion...
    2g Protein | 21g Carbs | 0g Fat
    Potato Wedges – 1 LB
    1 pound of baked potato wedges Potato, Salt, Rosemary, Paprika Servings Per ...
    3g Protein | 9g Carbs | 2g Fat
    Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins
    Our chocolate chip protein muffins are delicious, protein-packed bites which make ...
    38g Protein | 37g Carbs | 4g Fat
    Blackened Shrimp, Broccoli & Brown Rice
    Sauteed blackened shrimp served with broccoli & brown rice SHRIMP, RAW, BROWN ...
    DairyFree GlutenFree
    4g Protein | 6g Carbs | 0g Fat
    Broccoli – 3/4 LB
    12 ounces of broccoli Broccoli Servings Per Container 3 30Cals 4 Pro...
    3g Protein | 8g Carbs | 1g Fat
    Blueberry Protein Muffins
    Our blueberry protein muffin snacks are delicious, protein-packed bites that make ...
    38g Protein | 43g Carbs | 29g Fat
    Steak Quesadilla
    Seasoned flank steak mixed with peppers and onions in a crispy whole wheat tortill...
    37g Protein | 41g Carbs | 10g Fat
    Meatball Pizza
    Whole wheat pita topped with sliced turkey meatballs, homemade marinara sauce and ...
    3g Protein | 2g Carbs | 0g Fat
    Asparagus – 1 LB
    1 pound of Asparagus Asparagus Servings Per Container 4 20Cals 3 Pro...
    3g Protein | 29g Carbs | 1g Fat
    Brown Rice – 1 LB
    1 pound of Brown Rice Brown Rice Servings Per Container 4 140Cals 3 ...
    38g Protein | 19g Carbs | 3.5g Fat
    Blackened Shrimp & Broccoli
    Sauteed blackened shrimp served with broccoli SHRIMP, RAW, BROCCOLI, BLACKENED SEA...
    DairyFree GlutenFree
    Slow cooked chicken breast smothered in our tangy BBQ sauce served with creamy hom...
    31g Protein | 55g Carbs | 4g Fat
    Blackened Shrimp & Brown Rice
    Sauteed blackened shrimp served with brown rice BROWN RICE, SHRIMP, RAW, BLACKENED...
    DairyFree GlutenFree