Fuel Meals Company Information

We are an innovative meal management company. At Fuel Meals we allow you to pick from our menu that our chefs have created; or you can build out your meals according to your specific dietary requirements. We don’t limit our clients on choices and don’t believe in one-size fits all approach. We understand that every client is different and has different needs and goals. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, endurance athlete, soccer mom, traveling business professional, vegan, or subscribe to a Paleo lifestyle, Fuel Meals has something to help you reach your goals for living a more healthy and productive life.

We are headquartered in New Jersey. All of our meals are prepped and shipped from the east coast to the entire USA.  We are actively looking to expand to the west coast to lower shipping prices in the near future!

We prep and cook all meals in our state of the art facility located in New Jersey.  We have outfitted the facility with customized equipment suited for small-batch cooking while designed to handle our large volume of customers. 

We only use high quality ingredients in every meal. We support local vendors and aim to purchase the highest quality ingredients. All of our meat is hormone and anti-biotic free, our fish is wild caught and our vegetables are sourced locally and are organic-pesticide free.

If you would like to give Fuel Meals as a gift, you can! You can order a subscription for someone else using your information and set the gift recipient’s address as the shipping address on the subscription. This would ensure that you are charged for the subscription, but that the gift recipient is the one who gets the meals. You can have them choose the meals remotely (i.e. they tell you the meals they like and you make the change) or perhaps provide them with login information for the account itself so that they can customize their own meals.

We deliver to all 50 states in the USA including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. 


... we are actively looking to expand to a west coast facility in an effort to make our meals affordable and convenient for everyone! 

Our goal is to provide wholesome nutritious meals that help you eat healthy, and live happy. Chances are, If you are looking for healthy meal options, our service will be a great fit for you. We prepare all Fuel Meals with flavorful, natural ingredients. All of our meals are designed to be well rounded and include protein, healthy fats and yummy vegetables. Our meals are ideal for those who are looking to limit their sugar intake, fuel their active lifestyle, or avoid processed foods and/or follow a low carb diet option.

On our menu page we have a filter option which will allow you to filter out meals with certain ingredients including some common allergens and dietary needs. We also list all ingredients on each individual meal page if you would like to see exactly what is included in our meals.

If you do have a specific medical condition, we recommend that you speak with your doctor or physician in order to ensure our meals would be the right fit for you.

We would love to hear from you! You can reach us during our normal hours of operation: 10am-6pm EST Mon-Fri. Feel free to call: 844-Eat-Fuel or email us at info@fuelmeals.com. Email support will be available on the nights and weekends as well.

Need To Know

First, we are a subscription service.

  • Once you sign up for our subscription program, you will receive meals each week ( or every other week) unless you otherwise pause or cancel your subscription.

Second, you have a weekly deadline.

  • Because we proudly ship tens of thousands of meals each week — and fresh meals, at that — we need 5-6 days to plan your next batch of meals into our production schedule before the meals are delivered. For this reason we ask you make any changes or skip your order, prior to being billed for your order.  Once you are billed, we will begin the process on our end to source all of the fresh ingredients for your meals.

Third, you can self-manage nearly every aspect of your subscription.

  • Because we know life is busy, we allow you maximum ability to plan and customize your subscription, including planning future deliveries up to 7 weeks in advance! On a weekly basis, you can also change the number of meals you'll receive, change the delivery address for a specific order, or update your billing information at anytime right from your subscription portal.

Fourth, you should review your menu every week.

  • When you sign up with us, you choose the meals you want for your first delivery, at which point we take that same menu and duplicate it across the other deliveries that are planned into our system when you sign up. You want to make it a habit to review your menu before your next order's weekly deadline to make sure it contains the meals you want since we do phase out meals from time-to-time.

Fifth, you can skip a week or pause your subscription.

  • If you're out of town for a week or two, or simply don't want to receive meals for a period of time, you can easily skip a week of delivery or pause your subscription to stop being charged and stop receiving meals. Again, please remember to do this prior to your billing date.  Once the order is billed it will not be possible for you to cancel the order in your subscription portal.  You will be able to cancel all future billing at anytime.

Subscription Setup & Management

We are a subscription service. When you sign up with us, you are charged every week and have food shipped to you every week by default - unless, of course, you choose to skip a week of food or pause or cancel your subscription. We also offer a bi-weekly option during checkout.

When you do sign up, you will notice in your account that, aside from the meals you selected for your first order, we also display seven orders into the future for you, with pre-selected menus that basically duplicate your original order.

The menu we select for each order is based on the meals you had selected during your first order.  You are free to go in and update the meals for any future week to whatever you desire, provided you do so by the order cutoff date for each week.  We will even send you an email the day prior to your billing to remind you to make changes in your account if necessary. (We sometimes allow a little extra time to change meals aside from that, but just take notice of the deadline.)

Our main goal is to make eating healthy as convenient and easy as possible! 

We do offer a one time option during the checkout process.  If you subscribe to our service we do have a two week minimum with the subscription.  With our subscription you will also receive 10% off every week until you cancel! At anytime, if you don't want to receive meals, you can pause your subscription or skip any upcoming billing dates.Just bear in mind the following:You cannot pause or cancel the first delivery of a new subscription, because, at the time of your order, those meals were planned into our system and resources assigned for them.Pausing or cancelling a subscription would not impact orders for which you have already been charged, since, at that point, those orders have entered our production process.

At this time we do not have the ability to send out less then 7 meals in an order. Our team has put in A LOT of work to ensure our boxes are the perfect fit and can properly transport your meals while maintaining freshness. If you do wish to try our meals with no commitment you can order any 7 meals that you would like and make sure to choose the “Once Time Shipment” option during checkout.

The Shipping Process

We currently ship on Mondays and Wednesdays. Listed below you will find our complete shipping schedule.

Monday Shipment- Orders placed anytime Monday through Thursday EST

Wednesday Shipment - Orders placed anytime Friday through Sunday EST

Once your order is shipped, meals will be in transit for 1-2 days. On your shipping day, we will send you a shipping confirmation email with your FedEx tracking number and expected delivery date.  If you have any problems with your meals arriving on your delivery date please contact us immediately! Please note that delivers can sometimes arrive as late as 10PM, we try our best to get the meals to you as quickly as possible so that you can start enjoying our fresh, healthy meals! 

We ship all packages with FedEx.  FedEx is able to deliver our meals to the entire country in a maximum of two days in transit.  It can sometimes be expensive to ship meals across the country so quickly.  For this reason we do charge exactly what FedEx charges us in order to make sure the meals arrive as quickly as possible.  The shipping cost may increase based on the number of meals you order each week. 

Our main goal is to get you your food as quickly as possible and ensure that it reaches you fresh and tasty! 

Yes we ship via FedEx, as long as the hotel is in the US and does accept packages for guests. When you are placing your order you will want to make sure that you check out our shipping schedule, which can be found in our FAQ section. If you are on a subscription you will want to make sure that you update your billing address to the desired location. If the room is not under your name and is under the name of a spouse, mother, brother, etc. make sure you include that name as part of the shipping address. Hotels will not accept a package if the name on the package does not match up with the name on the reservation. All we ask is that you inform your hotel prior to arrival that you will be expecting a package.

The shipping rates depend on where you are located in the country. Our facility is located in NJ. We ship all packages with FedEx; they are able to deliver our meals to the entire country in a maximum of two days in transit. It can sometimes be expensive to ship meals across the country so quickly. For this reason we do charge exactly what FedEx charges us in order to make sure the meals arrive as quickly as possible. The shipping cost may increase based on the number of meals in your order each week. Our main goal is to get you your meals as quickly as possible to ensure that it reaches you fresh and tasty!

We currently ship on Mondays and Wednesdays. Listed below you will find our complete shipping schedule.

Monday Shipment- Orders placed anytime Monday through Thursday EST

Wednesday Shipment - Orders placed anytime Friday through Sunday EST

Your meals will be shipped 1-2 days before they are delivered, based on your zip code and your distance from our facility. Once an order is prepared and ready to ship you will receive an email with your FedEx tracking information. Please note that the tracking link we provide may not display any information until the package is actually picked up by the carrier, so do not worry if the carrier’s website does not have information upfront for you. You would want to check the tracking number at a later time and will find that is registers properly.

The time when your meals are delivered can vary and depend on the shipping carriers route, as well as how many packages they have to handle and when they’ll be servicing your area. The delivery time for your meals could therefore be earlier in the day or as late as the early evening. Do not worry about being home to receive the meals, we do not require a signature upon delivery. Nevertheless, please know that we design our packages to withstand 60 full hours in shipping – so, either way, your food will arrive fresh!

We are not able to guarantee that the shipping carrier will be able to follow very specific requests when it comes to delivering your packages. When the package leaves our facility, the package is out of our direct control and even the carrier has to rely on their delivery drivers when it comes to how packages are delivered. If you are concerned about your package being accurately delivered, there are a few possible options:1. You could leave a note for the carrier at the delivery location with any specific instructions that you’d like to convey. 2. FedEx offers a free service called FedEx Delivery Manager, when signing up for this program you may be able to schedule a delivery windows or leave notes for your delivery driverIf there are other special instructions you'd like to convey, you can let us know and we'll do our best to help!

We use FedEx to deliver your food packages, on rare occasions, there may be issues outside of our control that prevent packages from reaching you in a timely manner. We know that it is very critical that your meals arrive fresh in a timely manner, and we want to make the shipping process as easy as possible. If there is any carrier related issue that delays your meals and causes them to spoil, we will be able to resend you a complimentary order on our next shipping date.

At this time we currently do not offer pick up locations.

Our Packaging Procedure

We use custom insulated coolers during shipment to keep your food tasty and fresh! Our custom packaging is designed to extend the shelf life of your meals. We seal each meal with our custom modified atmospheric packaging. All meals will remain fresh for 7 days in the fridge following delivery. Meals can be frozen to maintain freshness for longer periods of time.

We can fit 7, 14, 21, or 28 meals in our custom insulated packages. We have a 7 meal minimum per order. However, if you were to go over 28 meals we would need to use a second shipping box. Orders that are above 28 meals will be assessed additional charges.

We prep each meal in its own plastic microwaveable and oven safe container.  We seal each meal with a plastic film and kraft paper sleeve for protection. 

All meal packaging is fully recyclable, significantly reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring that it does not end up in any landfill or ocean.we use the highest quality plastics available on the market! Our plastic containers are microwave safe and do not release BPA when heated. 

Yes! All of our packaging including our boxes, coolers, trays and sleeves are recyclable, so you do not need to worry about any environmental consequences with our packaging.  

Picking Your Meals

We source all organic ingredients while in season, organic is just one of the many characteristics that we use to evaluate our food and the ingredients we purchase. We support local vendors and aim to purchase the highest quality ingredients. All of our fish is wild caught and our chicken and beef is antibiotic and hormone free. We take comfort in knowing that we are serving the highest quality ingredients.

Once you select a meal the nutritional facts for that meal will appear in the meal description. Along with the nutrition facts you will be able to see all of the listed ingredients. All of your entrees will have the nutrition facts on them once they arrive to you.

You are able to add meals to your subscription at anytime.  You can do so by logging into your account and visiting the manage subscription page.  From this page you can view your meals and change the quantity of any meal in your subscription. 

If you are looking to add new meals to your subscription, you can do so by viewing the individual meal page on our menu and clicking the add to subscription button!  If you do not see the add to subscription button, make sure that you are logged into your account!  We highly recommend after making changes to doublecheck your meals in your subscription prior to your billing date! 

Keep in mind, that changes will take place on your next billing date.  If you have already been billed for an order and that order is in process or being prepared, the changes would not take effect until your next order.  Not to worry we will send you a reminder email the day before so you are fully prepared.

All of our food is cooked fresh to order and does not include any added preservatives. We receive shipments of fresh ingredients on a daily basis from several food vendors and purveyors throughout the Northeastern US.

With our specialty entrees we do not have the capability to customize the meals.  We currently process tens of thousands of meals for happy customers each week.  You can choose between a few different portion sizes for select meals.  

There is no customization of our entrees. If you would like to have a custom meal, please build out a meal on the custom meals menu that we offer.

Many of our meals have two portion size options. We like to offer these different sizes because everyone does not require the same amount of food to reach their goals. In most cases the half portion size will be exactly half the size of the full portion meals. Full-portioned meals will come with 6-8 Oz of protein and 1.5-2.5 cups of sides depending on the meal choice. Once you pick your meal and portion size from the menu our team of chefs will weigh out each ingredient and portion them to help you achieve your goals! Each meal is designed to be one serving for an individual.

Payment and Promo Codes

If you are ordering a subscription from us, during the checkout process you will be able to enter a promotion code. Toward the bottom right of the page ( just above the subtotal ) you will see the area to apply your discount code.

We do occasionally send special offers to our customers.  We highly recommend checking out of social media profiles.  We are always trying to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to try our meals! 

If you have a discount code we would be happy to apply it for you! 

We accept the following forms of payment :

    - Master Card

    - Visa

    - Discover Card

    - American Express

We are currently working on the best way to accept PayPal for our subscription service.  We do accept PayPal on our one time orders.

As you can imagine, shipping costs represent a large portion of our expenses, since we're shipping 10-15-pound boxes very long distances. We have worked with our shipping carriers to get the most cost effective shipping prices in the industry.  Many companies charge you a premium for their meals and may offer a free shipping discount to get you in the door.  We do opt to pass through the shipping charge to you in an effort to be as transparent as possible. 

Please note if you order over 25 meals, the shipping price may increase as we will need to send multiple boxes to fulfill your order. 

We are actively working to develop a west coast facility in order to lower the shipping rates to the entire country. 

If anything goes wrong during your order processing,  we will send you an email to let you know there was an issue with payment.  Our system will automatically try to bill you 24 hours later.  It is important that you update the information within 24 hours so that the next time we try to bill you, your charge will go through.

Yes you do! We offer 10% off every week when signing up for the weekly shipment option! This discount will be displayed in the meal prices itself.  Many of our meals are sold at a retail price of $9.95, however you will see if you sign up for a subscription you will be charged 10% less for each meal! 

Please note: this discount will not show as a total discounted amount on your statement, the discount will be subtracted from each meal price itself.

Heating and Eating

Our meals are meant to be refrigerated upon delivery, however we understand that things happen and you can not always consume your meals right away. If you need to freeze your meals, you can certainly do so. Keep in mind that some dishes may not freeze as well as others. Egg dishes and fish dishes may not reheat as well as others.

We recommend that you defrost your meals before heating if they are in a frozen state. If heating in the microwave from a refrigerated state, place sealed tray directly in the microwave and cook on high for 2-3 minutes. Remove and let sit for 1 minute. If you would like to heat in the oven, remove all of the film from the top of the tray and transfer the contents of your meal into an oven safe tray or dish. Heat at 275 degrees for approximately 10-15 minutes. Please add additional heating time to meals if needed.

Our meals are intended to be cooked in the microwave, since they do already arrive fully cooked. If you do not have a microwave or do prefer to use an oven, you can certainly do so! Our trays can be oven safe up to 275 degrees. Please note that you may need to keep a close watch on the meal during heating to ensure that you remove the meal once it is warmed up to your desired temperature!

Meals can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 7 days upon delivery. Meals can be placed in the freezer to maintain freshness for longer periods of time.

We want you to enjoy our meals every time. If there is any issue, please contact us within 5 days of receiving your meals and we will do our very best to help. Give us a call at (844) EAT - FUEL or email us at info@fuelmeals.com

If you are looking for healthy snacks to eat in-between our meals, we do offer a wide variety of healthy and delicious snack options on our dessert menu!

If you do want to add any snack options on your own we highly recommend snacks that are high in protein and low in carbs, such as hard-boiled eggs, avocados, nuts or protein shakes! 


At Fuel Meals we stand behind our product 100%. If your meals are damaged please take a photo of the meals in question and email them to info@fuelmeals.com. We can issue you a coupon for the monetary value of the meals to be used towards a future order. Contact us at info@fuelmeals.com or call us at 1-844-EAT-FUEL to have a coupon issued. If a meal arrives with a small incision on the plastic seal this is not considered damage. Damaged meals are specifically meals that are entirely open with the contents of them outside of the original meal tray.

In regards to spoiled packages; typically a package spoils if it is in transit for several days. Email us at info@fuelmeals.com or call us at 1-844-EAT-FUEL. Please include pictures. If we find that your package was in transit for more than 48 hours we will resend the package at no charge to you or issue a coupon for the full transaction price to be used on a future order. If a package is delayed due to the courier we ask that you always accept the package. If the package is refused by the customer we will not have a record that is was sent. We ask that all customers accept orders upon delivery and then contact us so we can further assist if packages are spoiled. Fuel Meals will attempt to re-deliver a new package at no cost to the client; however, if the courier delays the second package on a re-attempt Fuel Meals assumes no liability. Furthermore, Fuel Meals will not resend a third package. The client may than seek to file a claim with the courier.

Although this is very uncommon, if a custom meal has a missing item i.e. protein, carbohydrate, or vegetable we will refund 70% of the total meal price for a missing protein and 15% of the total meal price for a missing carbohydrate or vegetable.

Unfortunately, we do not accept return shipment and do not grant full refunds. Furthermore, Fuel Meals assumes no liability for orders with incorrect or missing shipping addresses, omitted business information, or contact information i.e. phone or email. If Fuel Meals ships a package with missing information not provided by the client upon checkout Fuel Meals reserves the right to exercise its non-refund policy in its entirety.